Thursday, 10 February 2011

Easy Listening

'On Your Bike', a great series of 10 programmes covering the history of the bicycle on Radio 4. Episode 5 tomorrow.

Just listened to the first episode and chuckled to hear that a top range bike would have once set you back about £20. Add a couple of zeros onto that these days!

Happy listening!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Desert Snow Tri Cross

I opened my winter tiathlon account on Sunday in the Chartreuse at a race grandly known as the Desert Snow Tri Cross - due to it's venue at a tiny resort called the Desert d'Entremont, right on top of the Chartreuse plateau. Due to a lack of snow at that altitude, the organisers tweaked the route a bit, resulting in:

4.5km cross country run
6.5km cross country ski
1.5km cross country run
11km mountain bike

I don't run much any more as it always gives me a bit of a bad back, but given that the run was meant to ne on snow, I went for it.

This is how it went:
Run 1: all OK - not much snow but all very pretty
Ski: all well - hilly and a bit icy but good fun
Run 2: all OK - a bit stiff-legged, but very pretty
MTB: a bit of a drag - well, a push and a carry really. Lots of deep heavy slush made almost all of the course unrideable. This bit ended up taking over half of the whole event time!

All in, I loved the format and will do others, hopefully with a bit more snow! Guy