Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Ever wondered how Santa keeps fit to deliver all of those presents?!

Merry Christmas to you all from Helyn & Guy

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Cycling Weekly Covers 'Moonlit Marmotte'

Back in late August, we were lucky enough to have Hannah Reynolds, Fitness Editor at Cycling Weekly and Roo Fowler, a super-talented freelance cycling photographer, out to stay with us to ride the Marmotte loop at night (incorporating a lights test). With a support vehicle in tow and with perfect weather and moonlight conditions, it all went to plan and the images were amazing.

After a few shots appeared as a teaser in Cycle Sport magazine (the Cycling Weekly's sister publication) last month, the story is covered in full in today's Cycling Weekly. We are waiting to see the final results (Hannah is kindly mailing us a copy), but by all accounts it looks great.

Go out and get yourselves this week's magazine to see for yourselves!

Guy & Helyn

Sunday, 12 December 2010

A 'fix' for just 28 Euros!

Really, what can you buy for 28 Euros? One Assos knee warmer, a roll of gel-filled bar tape, 2 Rapha bidons, (half of one) Paul Smith cycling-inspired keyfob (Rapha again) or maybe hire yourself a bike for the day?.....

Guy is pretty pleased with himself as he has built a whole bike for just that sum; €28.

Starting with a hand-built steel frame (a Wolhauser from nearby Lyon) that was saved from a friends' garage (down near St Tropez!), plus a few bits and pieces gathering dust in our own workshop he only had to purchase a new chain (€12), a roll of bar tape (€6) and 5 chainring bolts (€10) to put together a fixed wheel 'dream machine'. And in his favourite colour too, orange!

With the help of Sheldon Brown (, and a few hours in the workshop the 'fixie' was completed last week and tested yesterday.

Obviously the terrain around here doesn't lend itself to this sort of gearing, so, the Wolhauser will be used solely for flat, valley rides. The test ride yesterday took place on the cycle path in Grenoble; as flat as you get around here, and was deemed a great success!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Cycle Sport Photographs

If any of you recently bought the December issue of 'Cycle Sport' magazine, you may have seen some amazing, yet unusual, photographs of the route of the Marmotte cyclosportive (pages 102 to 105).

The unusual thing about the photographs is that they were taken at night. Unlike the Vuelta time trial back in August there were no floodlights, just the moon, stars and some very powerful handlebar or helmet- mounted lights.

The riders, barely visible except for streaks of lights, were a group from the Cycling Weekly, one of our guests, Jo Gamwell, locals Alan and Lynne, and taking our turns between driving the support vehicle, Guy and I.

The photographer was Roo Fowler, who, despite having incredible creative vision and energy, spared enough of his energy to ride the whole route with us too.

Most of us, not being photographers, had no concept of how on earth scenic photos in the dark could ever work but I think you'll agree that the results are breathtaking.

To see more of Roo's work visit:

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Marmotte Entries Now Open For 2011

The organisers of 'La Marmotte', Sportcommunication, have opened entries for the 2011 event.

The website:

1.On home page, click on 'GRAND TROPHEE/CYCLING EVENTS'.
2.You can choose language by clicking on flag, top right.
3.Go to 'REGISTRATIONS' on the toolbar and choose how you would like to enter event (ON LINE or MAIL).
4.You will be asked for your name and surname. If you have never previously taken part in a Sportcommunication event, you will have to then click on MY NAME DOES NOT APPEAR ON THE LIST.
5. Fill out your personal details on the first page, address, etc. (CP is your postal code). In the drop-down box choose whether you have a licence or not and if so, which type of licence (for a foreign licence choose ETRANGERE). If you do not have a licence, choose NON LICENCIE, you will then have to send a copy of a medical certificate from your doctor stating that you are fit to compete in such events OR have your GP sign a copy of the on-line form provided by Sportcommunications: Send a scan of your medical certificate or licence to: or by post:Top Club, BP 24025, 69615 Villeurbanne CEDEX, France. Don't forget to write your Sportcommunications ID number on this.
6. On the following page, tick the Sportcommunication event/s that you would like to enter. If this is just La Marmotte you must tick the box under the heading LA MARMOTTE 'MASTER 174km'.
7. On that same page check the box if you require insurance. If you would like a timing chip for the event, check the box that says 'CAUTION PUCE CHRONOMETRAGE 10.00 € x RACES'. This will give you a timing chip for the Marmotte and any other Sportcommunication events that you take part in during 2011. This will cost an extra 10€ which is refunded on returning the chip at the end of the race/s. If you already have a chip, enter the number in the section that says 'BRACELET DE CHRONOMETRAGE WinningTime 0.00 € N°....'
8. Finally, on that page read and select/agree to the last 4 statements of race rules and regulations.
9. On the next page, check your details. On this page you also get given the chance to add another rider (Add a new registration). If you do not need to add another rider, click on the payment button to enter your credit card details.
10. You will normally be sent a confirmation E-mail and an on-line letter with your ID details. On the day that you collect your race number and timing chip it is helpful to have a copy of this letter from Sportcommunications as well as a copy of your race licence or medical certificate.

Be patient! The site will be very busy and can sometimes crash due to traffic. And remember, the earlier you enter, the lower the race number you are issued and the nearer to the front and earlier you get to start on the day.

Good luck!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Where's our van?

We were supposed to head out to the swimming pool this evening but could not find our minibus....