Monday, 26 March 2012

Plans for Flanders flounder.....

We've had a busy week here starting with a trip to Cassis last weekend where Guy took part in a mountain bike event. It was pretty warm on the south coast, touching 20'C. A first outing for the flip flops and shorts this year, not to mention ice cream eating!

Whilst Guy got prepped up for his 30km event (prepping the bike that is, not himself - it was his first time on a bike since November!), I explored the coastal roads looking for a good viewpoint to watch the sun set. I found my spot and was justly rewarded (see photo), however, getting there wasn't so easy. The road to the headland seemed steep as I was climbing, but it was only on coming back down that I saw the 30% sign.....that explained why it felt so wobbly!

The good weather has caught us up here in the mountains now with a +20'C day on Saturday which was great. Riders out all over the roads now, some still more tentative than others to shed the winter layers. You can tell the softy valley boys apart as they are still in their balaclavas, whereas us altitude dwellers are already in shorts and short sleeved jerseys! Right now we have the best of both worlds as the morning cross country skiing in Alpe d'Huez is excellent too. It's not often we can ski and ride on consecutive days.

Although conditions here are perfect for my final training push for the Flanders sportive this Saturday, I have sadly decided that I can not make the journey. I've weighed it all up and it's a time consuming and expensive trip to make for one sportive, so I'm staying put and will watch it on the TV. It's still on my 'to do' list for the future though.

Best of luck to those of you riding on Saturday - enjoy!


Friday, 2 March 2012

Heatwave on the 21 haripins!

A lovely warm day here today, probably one of the warmest yet this year.

Guy had plans to cross country ski in Alpe d'Huez so I decided to ride up, meet him there and catch a lift back down (via the cake shop of course!). Normally, even on sunny days the descent can be chilly, hence my plan. Today however it would not have been a problem at all, it was easily +20'C and I saw one or two others coming down in shorts and short sleeved jerseys. I regretted my 'longs' all the way up!

Today I rode slowly, very slowly! But having said that, I certainly felt much fitter than I have in previous years thanks to my winter base of cross country skiing.

Not such a good outing for Guy though who found himself skiing in quite slushy conditions and getting very wet feet.

Only 3 1/2 months to the first Alpe d'Huez time trial of the year (21st June 2012) so I have plenty of time to improve on that speed!