Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Kilometre markers on the col d'Ornon

Good news. The Tourist Office has installed marker posts like this one on most of the climbs in the area - the ones on the col d'Ornon are not every kilometre, but they give you stats on the whole climb as well as the gradient for the next km - all in all, good news.


PS: This will scupper my rumours that "the driveway" to our house is actually "mostly flat".....
PPS: "The driveway" was a moniker given for the col d'Ornon by Mark Canaider last summer- a particularly affable Australian guest....

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  1. Howdy Guy and Helyn

    love your work

    am packing for a quick trip to Italy for a few weeks ( only a day or two of riding the bike)
    the tools on tour remain supreme leaders of the world here here in New South Wales...
    Glad to been of use in regard names for the way home.
    Will send a link to my incredibly interesting upcoming blog of Italy trip.
    Hope all is well with you both