Saturday, 27 October 2012

Triple bypass - for my bike!

As if by magic and with no training or effort, I feel fitter, younger and can ride up hills with more ease than ever before!

What's my secret? No, this is not yet another admission to doping. My secret is that I now have a triple chainset!

This is all thanks to Kevin, who some of you may have met here in September. As well as all the other help Kevin (and Brioni) were giving us, Kevin very kindly worked away on my grubby, neglected bike, fitting a whole new groupset (including a gold chain - more 'bling' than Mr T now!).

This was all done without my knowledge so I was bowled over when I got my bike out of the workshop for a quick spin a few days after the 'triple bypass' had been performed.

What a difference it has made. I have to ask myself why I didn't do it years ago!

Thank you Kevin from the bottom of my heart - and my legs!


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