Sunday, 12 December 2010

A 'fix' for just 28 Euros!

Really, what can you buy for 28 Euros? One Assos knee warmer, a roll of gel-filled bar tape, 2 Rapha bidons, (half of one) Paul Smith cycling-inspired keyfob (Rapha again) or maybe hire yourself a bike for the day?.....

Guy is pretty pleased with himself as he has built a whole bike for just that sum; €28.

Starting with a hand-built steel frame (a Wolhauser from nearby Lyon) that was saved from a friends' garage (down near St Tropez!), plus a few bits and pieces gathering dust in our own workshop he only had to purchase a new chain (€12), a roll of bar tape (€6) and 5 chainring bolts (€10) to put together a fixed wheel 'dream machine'. And in his favourite colour too, orange!

With the help of Sheldon Brown (, and a few hours in the workshop the 'fixie' was completed last week and tested yesterday.

Obviously the terrain around here doesn't lend itself to this sort of gearing, so, the Wolhauser will be used solely for flat, valley rides. The test ride yesterday took place on the cycle path in Grenoble; as flat as you get around here, and was deemed a great success!

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