Friday, 10 December 2010

Cycle Sport Photographs

If any of you recently bought the December issue of 'Cycle Sport' magazine, you may have seen some amazing, yet unusual, photographs of the route of the Marmotte cyclosportive (pages 102 to 105).

The unusual thing about the photographs is that they were taken at night. Unlike the Vuelta time trial back in August there were no floodlights, just the moon, stars and some very powerful handlebar or helmet- mounted lights.

The riders, barely visible except for streaks of lights, were a group from the Cycling Weekly, one of our guests, Jo Gamwell, locals Alan and Lynne, and taking our turns between driving the support vehicle, Guy and I.

The photographer was Roo Fowler, who, despite having incredible creative vision and energy, spared enough of his energy to ride the whole route with us too.

Most of us, not being photographers, had no concept of how on earth scenic photos in the dark could ever work but I think you'll agree that the results are breathtaking.

To see more of Roo's work visit:

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