Tuesday, 23 November 2010

King of the Mountains' "Photo of the Day" 2010 summer season

Thu 13 May 2010 22:24 BST

This year, I have decided to mark our summer season with one photo every day, from the day of arrival of our first guests until the day of departure of the last ones. It will hopefully capture the spirit of what we are up to here. Today is the official start date. Dan & Will, our traditional summer season openers (they're always keen to come and clock up a few early-season Alpine kilometres) arrived at Lyon airport today.

The images will be displayed on our Picasa web gallery.

Link: http://picasaweb.google.com/kingofthemountainssummer/KingOfTheMountainsPhotoOfTheDay2010#

OR: link straight through from our kingofthemountains.co.uk homepage.

I can't promise that they will always be spectacular (some of them, I know, will be downright dull) but they should show the passing of the seasons, the Alps in full green spring splendour, high summer, all blues and whites and the amazing colours of autumn too. There will hopefully even be the odd smiling face (and probably some tired ones too).

The last guests are currently pencilled in to leave on 2nd October, so, in theory, today's image will be the first of 142!

I hope you enjoy the ride!


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