Monday, 22 November 2010

The village people go skiing...

Mon 02 Feb 2009 19:42 GMT

I imagine after today's snow and disruption across the UK, the last thing you may want to read about is more snow...

Fortunately for us, it was a welcome part of the fun yesterday. We, and 7 others from our village took part in a cross country ski race, the 'Valgaude Blanche'. The King of the Mountains minibus took 'Team Ornon' to a stunning valley about an hour and a half from here, just on the perimeter of the Ecrins National Park.

There was a choice of 2 distances; 15km or 30km. Guy and I chose the 30km event, our furthest distance covered on cross country skis yet.

Just after the start, we saw Yves, one of our neighbours and favourite to win the 30km event, heading back towards us against the flow of skiers. Yves had broken his pole and had to head back to the car park at the start line to get a spare. In a surprisingly short amount of time he was overtaking us again and managed to pass all the other back markers eventually finishing in 3rd place overall. Impressive stuff.

Out of our team of 9, we came away with 5 trophies, not a bad haul, so much talent in such a small village! Guy and I came home without silverware, however, if there had been a category for most impressive downhill tumbles, we would have been in contention, Guy being awarded a distinction for incorporating a couple of forward rolls!

Helyn & Guy

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