Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Trieves en VTT

Mon 28 Jun 2010 10:09 BST

I had a charmed 24 hours yesterday. Despite having loads of guests here, and people to drive to Geneva for flights, Helyn dropped me off in our beloved Trieves area for a night off.

The programme went roughly like this:

Picnic lunch en route by the river down by Valbonnais, including the world's longest sandwich.
Arrive in Mens, bright blue skies. Set up tent.
Swim in the outdoor pool, eat ice cream (Helyn heads home).
More swimming and reading, quiet beer in town, shop for dinner.
Camping stove dinner of gnocchi and roast chicken, with a small glass of Ardechoise wine (thanks Auntie Liz).
Asleep by 9:30 (still in my clothes).

Up at 6:30; quick breakfast and off to sign on for my mountain bike event (which started at the camp site).
7:45 on my way on the bike around some of the most spectacular scenery you could imagine (check our online photo gallery for more pictures (link)). Great feed stops, great riding, a good mix of climbing, easy stuff and a bit more technical descending.
5 hours on the bike.
Back to base; meet Helyn, shower at the camp site, quick swim and off for post-ride food (delicious and all local).
3pm head for home to meet the first of our arriving Marmotte guests!

Thank you Helyn!


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