Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Things your physiotherapist would probably not advise...

Thu 26 Nov 2009 22:27 GMT

It's probably no surprise that after preparing all of this winter's firewood Guy now has a bad back. Two nights ago he visited a local physio' for some massage and a bit of hip re-alignment.

A few things we had planned for the weekend have now been canned as a result - no mountain bike randonnee on Sunday for a start.

Fortunately gentle swimming is one thing that won't further aggravate the muscles, so tonight we headed to the lovely indoor pool in Vaujany for a few gentle stretches and a bit of light breastroke. While I was doing the gentle stretching and breastroke, Guy descended the flume for most of the evening working on his speed technique with each descent!

Little surprise then that he returned home in a slightly worsened state.

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