Tuesday, 23 November 2010

La Marmotte - 2010 entries open on 15th Dec.

Sat 12 Dec 2009 00:18 GMT

The organisers of 'La Marmotte', Sportcommunication, will start taking on-line entries for the 2010 event on Tuesday 15th December.

The website: http://www.sportcommunication.info/GT/index.php?langue=2

1.On home page, click on 'GRAND TROPHEE/CYCLING EVENTS'.
2.You can choose language by clicking on flag, top right.
3.Go to 'REGISTRATIONS' on the toolbar and choose how you would like to enter event (ON LINE or MAIL).
4.You will be asked for an ID number and/or your name and surname. If you have not participated in a Sportcommunications event before and do not have an ID number just enter your name. After entering your name and clicking SEARCH, click on MY NAME IS NOT ON THE FOLLOWING DATABASE.
5.Tick the box for The Marmotte (and any other events you wish to enter in the Grand Trophee series).If you need insurance for the race, tick the box corresponding to the insurance that you wish to take out.
6. If you would like a timing chip for the event, select the first option: JE NE POSSEDE PAS DE BRACELETTE DE CHRONOMETRAGE ET JE VERSE LA CAUTION OBLIGATIORE 10€. This will give you a timing chip for the Marmotte and any other Sportcommunication events that you take part in during 2010. This will cost an extra 10€ which is refunded on returning the chip at the end of the race/s.
7.Enter your personal details.
8. If you have a racing licence, choose the type of licence you hold from the drop-down list.
9. If you do not have a racing licence you must have a medical certificate from your doctor stating that you are fit to participate in cyclosportives. This needs to be signed by your GP. Otherwise, use the on-line form and give this to your GP to complete on your examination:http://www.la-marmotte.info/GT/certificatgb.pdf
10. Send a scan of your certificate or licence to: info@sportcommunication.com or by post:Top Club, BP 24025, 69615 Villeurbanne CEDEX, France. Don't forget to write your Sportcommunications ID number on this.
11. Read and select/agree to the last 3 statements of race rules and regulations.
12. Click 'VALIDER' to take you onto payment stage.
13. You will normally be sent a confirmation E-mail and a letter with your ID details will be available to you on-line. On the day that you collect your race number and timing chip it is helpful to have a copy of this letter from Sportcommunications as well as a copy of your race licence or medical certificate.

Be patient! The site will be very busy and can sometimes crash due to traffic. And remember, the earlier you enter, the lower the race number you are issued and the nearer to the front and earlier you get to start on the day.

Good luck!

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