Monday, 22 November 2010

Spring news

Fri 24 Apr 2009 08:54 BST

Well, sorry everyone for the lack of updates. It won't be so long next time....

Breaking news:

All the snow in the village has now melted.

The cross country skis have been put away for the season. It was good. See you next December.

Helyn has been up Alpe d'Huez on her bike and generally riding a fair bit of late (I was away working for a bit so she filled the void!). I have been taking it steady and not riding SO much but getting back into it gently now. Lots of flat stuff to ease me in, so to speak.

I have fitted a load of new windows on the ground floor (someone appears to have turned down the volume on the stream!). They look lovely (and actually open and close well too!).

Au Cadre Rouge (our favourite little bike shop here in Bourg d'Oisans) run by our pal Jean-Charles has some new rental bikes (and they're carbon!), whch is good news. See photo alongside (we had to coax him into posing for us).

We've also been doing a few cyclo randonnees, which have been lovely. At 7 euros for a beautiful route, 3 feed stations and a slap-up meal on your return, I'd say they are also quite good value!

Helyn has been demo-ing new cakes (the macaroons were, I can assure you, a triumph). Look out for those coming to your table soon.

I'll do more blog posting - I promise.


PS: I have been busy putting together a hardtail mountain bike too, so looking forward to doing a bit more of that this summer. I found an old steel frame and bought a good fork on eBay and am now just cobbling together a few other bits and pieces and I'll be on my way.

PPS: Off to Ventoux this weekend for some sunshine, riding and birthday celebration!

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